Strawberries and Cream Cake

COOK TIME: Not Avaiable!

PREP TIME: Not Avaiable
TOTAL TIME: Not Avaiable!

A delicious, homemade-from-scratch strawberry cake with a thick cream cheese frosting and garnished with sugared strawberries. The perfect cake for Mother’s Day! Right in time for Mother’s Day, I’ve got you covered for dessert. This strawberry cake is rel


-    Strawberries, fresh
-    Strawberries
-    Eggs, large
-    Lemon juice, freshly squeezed
-    Baking soda
-    Cornstarch
-    Flour
-    Powdered sugar
-    kosher salt
-    Strawberry jell-o mix, dry
-    Vanilla extract
-    White sugar
-    Butter, unsalted
-    Buttermilk
-    Cream cheese, full-fat