Salted Caramel Brownies

YIELD: Not Avaiable!
COOK TIME: Not Avaiable!

PREP TIME: Not Avaiable
TOTAL TIME: Not Avaiable!

Perfectly fudgy and moist brownies that have an oozing salted caramel center. These will be one of the best brownies that you sink your teeth into! I made these brownies a couple of days ago and still can’t get over how amazing they turned out. My boys we


-    Eggs
-    All-purpose flour
-    Baking cocoa
-    Baking powder
-    Caramels
-    Chocolate chips, semisweet
-    kosher salt
-    Sea salt, coarse
-    Sugar
-    Canola oil
-    2% milk
-    Condensed milk, sweetened