Practical School Lunch Ideas, Cold and Hot School Lunch

YIELD: Not Avaiable!
COOK TIME: Not Avaiable!

PREP TIME: Not Avaiable
TOTAL TIME: Not Avaiable!

Here are loads of practical school lunch ideas (for cold and hot lunches) that your kids will actually eat!


-    Easy chicken sliders
-    Sandwich or sandwich kabobs with turkey
-    Apricot
-    Avocado
-    Baby carrots with ranch
-    Banana, Small
-    Blueberries
-    Clementines
-    Cucumber, slices
-    Fruit snacks
-    Snap peas
-    Banana bread
-    Tortilla pinwheels
-    Muffin or chocolate chip cookie
-    Pretzels
-    Bagels and cream cheese, Mini
-    Yogurt
-    Fruit kabobs
-    Salad
-    Z-Bar, fruit bars, DIY trail mix