Mission Chinese Food’s Cabbage Salad Recipe

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Danny Bowien, the chef and an owner of Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco and sometimes New York, wanted to have a Chinese version of Caesar salad on his menu The dish that he and Angela Dimayuga, his executive chef, came up with is not Chinese in the


-    Anchovy, fillets
-    Aonori seaweed
-    Beet, medium-size
-    Hijiki seaweed, dried
-    Lemon, juice of
-    Red cabbage
-    Shio kombu or salted kombu
-    Kasha
-    Shiro shoyu or light soy sauce
-    Tahini
-    White-miso paste, sweet
-    kosher salt
-    Sesame seeds, toasted white
-    Neutral oil
-    Rice vinegar, unseasoned
-    Ume vinegar or red-wine vinegar