Meatless Mexican Sloppy Joes

YIELD: Not Avaiable!
COOK TIME: Not Avaiable!

PREP TIME: Not Avaiable
TOTAL TIME: Not Avaiable!

Mexican Sloppy Joes - this classic messy sandwich gets a meatless makeover and a lot of extra spice. Top it off with guacamole. It's a winner!


-    Black beans, cooked
-    Cilantro
-    Corn
-    Garlic cloves
-    Jalapeno
-    Limes, juice of
-    Pinto beans, cooked
-    Red bell pepper
-    Red onion
-    Guacamole
-    Salsa
-    Chili powder
-    Coconut sugar
-    Paprika, smoked
-    Salt/pepper
-    Cumin
-    Slider buns
-    Water