Chai Cupcakes with Brown Butter Chai Icing

YIELD: 12 cupcakes
COOK TIME: Not Avaiable!

PREP TIME: Not Avaiable
TOTAL TIME: Not Avaiable!

If you’ve actively been looking to break your resolution, I’m going to sell you right now. One peek below into this swirly vanilla chai batter and we're all done for. It's OVER people. Half of me wants to scoop this into a mug and drink it. The other half


-    Ginger, ground
-    Egg + 1 egg white, large
-    All-purpose flour
-    Allspice, ground
-    Baking powder
-    Cardamom, ground
-    Cinnamon
-    Cloves, ground
-    Granulated sugar
-    Nutmeg, freshly ground
-    Powdered sugar
-    kosher salt
-    Sugar, raw
-    Vanilla
-    Vegetable oil
-    Butter, unsalted
-    Milk
-    Whole milk